The Power of Planning...

Why have a financial plan?
•        Money skills are the 21st century survival skills. Getting help could be
•        You will have more confidence and be more prepared for what is to
         come in your financial life.
•        Those would go through the process benefit greatly from their effort and
         inevitably felt it was worth it.

Money is a lifelong proposition. It demands you think about it in the present
and decades into the future. As a CFP®, my job is to provide people with the
financial help they need, with skill, intelligence and integrity.

Let's Make a Plan!

•       Financial Plan                                                           $299.00
•       Annual plan update                                                  $199.00
 (excluding free first year anniversary)
•       Plan for existing Investment Advisory Clients       $99.00
Financial Planning
Thomas C. Vaccaro, CFP®
Thomas C. Vaccaro, CFP®
Certified Financial Planner since 1988