10 Things
The Power of Planning........

Briarcliff Manor Wealth Advisors is in the business of providing the very
best in personal financial planning and investment advisory services.

Ten things to know;

1.        Briarcliff Manor Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment
Advisor, registered in the State of New York, since 2005. CRD #131321
Thomas C. Vaccaro, CFP® is a “solo-prenuer” who utilizes his
years of professionalt financial services experience, problem solving skills
and vast financial knowledge, to closely work one on one with clients to
help them successfully achieve their financial goals.
  Competence; The mission of the Certified Financial Planner Board
of Standards Inc., is to benefit the public by granting the CFP® certification
and upholding it as the recognized standard for competent and ethical
personal financial planning.
   Fiduciary Standard; BMWA adheres to the "fiduciary standard",
which means"putting the client’s interest first at all times". Salespeople
are important cogs in any business, but one's financial future is much too
important to leave to those masquerading as a professional advisor.
 Ethics; Proudly, over 30 years in the financial services industry,
without any regulatory issues.
6.        Small is Beautiful; The business plan allows for a maximum of 50
clients. It is important that there is sufficient time to work for clients, on an
ongoing basis, to achieve their financial goals, and that there is personal
 The Power of Planning; Unless you are a member of the “lucky
sperm club”, your best chance of reaching financial peace of mind is to
have in place a concrete plan.
 Satisfaction; I find satisfaction in operating a sustainable, profitable
business. It affords the ability to maintain a long term business
relationship with clients.
  Satisfaction; I find satisfaction from the intellectual curiosity of
planning and investment markets, as well as the meritocracy when clients
achieve financial goals.
Satisfaction; “Mudita”;  I experience professional fulfillment in
seeing my clients goals fulfilled.

Let's Make a Plan!

Thomas C. Vaccaro, CFP®
Thomas C. Vaccaro, CFP®
Certified Financial Planner since 1988